Monday, February 8, 2010

Writing about Talking, Part One

Last week, I wrote about conversations in polite company and I realized I have a lot more to say about that.

What if that is just a form of censorship? Censorship is my nemesis. So I thought about it.

Think about this: so many people don’t want to talk about money, and the result is a population that is hugely under-educated about how the financial system works. Thus, the chaos that was 2009. It’s not polite to talk about how much you make, but if salaries were transparent there wouldn’t be jealousy or backbiting at work. (Probably there still would be; you’d also need a regular, honest, and trustworthy system for reviews, which is another post.)

And sex. I live in a liberated and most liberal bubble and have been largely insulated from feeling Weird or Unhealthy because it’s been easy for me to talk to friends about sex. Wouldn’t it be great if sex wasn’t Evil or Sanctified and Serios (depending on who you talk to), but an awesome part of life people could talk about if they wanted to? (If they want to being the key.)

So coming up are a series of posts (whoa, my first ever series) that talk about talking, what’s polite, what’s ok, and more. I’m doing this because I have so many things I want t talk about and each one deserves it’s own post. I can’t guarantee that they will go in any kind of order or that they’ll be one day after the next, because something awesome might happen that I want to tell you about. But they will all share this title, so you can find them easier.

The kicker is that I have a feeling this is An Issue for Generation Y, in the sense that with the new technologies and an almost-generation-spanning agreement in honesty and forthrightness, as well as a burning desire to change the world for the better, we have an opportunity to make up new rules about what is Polite, what is OK, and what is not.

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