Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Goals I Will Actually Accomplish

1) Make my bed every morning. The idea being that it's nice to go upstairs in the evening and cuddle under a tucked in blanket. And it gives a sense of formality and readiness to my day; too often, I roll out of bed and run out the door.

2) That being said, I want to party harder. There are only so many years when it's acceptable to starting drinking at 12noon on a Saturday or take swigs from a flask of Jack Daniels.

3) Read more. See the post below. I love books. I don't know why I sit in front of the TV for four hours every day but can't be bothered to read more than a page at a time. Oh wait, the TV thinks for me. I remember.

4) Plant flowers and other plants. Everywhere I can.

5) Write to people more often.

There. Let's not get too ambitious here.

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