Monday, January 18, 2010

First ever roundup

I don't much like link roundups that so many bloggers do from time to time. Why would someone click on just a link just because I or anyone else said so? But a number of factors (lots of interesting things I found this morning plus not quite enough time or content for a full, thoughtful post) have convinced me to reach a compromise. Here are a few links that I think are 100% worth your time to check out, plus some commentary to explain why I think so.

First, a blog I just tweeted about and added to my Google RSS reader: Far Beyond the Stars. I don';t know how it happened, but I've been slowly collecting minimalist and simple-living blogs. I find them soothing and inspiring. I don't think my life is that complicated or cluttered, but I want it to be even less so. I'm slowly developing an idea of steps to take toward that goal, and I find this and a few others (Rowdy Kittens for one) very helpful.

I'm in the middle of a few different posts from Change Your Thoughts (like this one) and I definately buy into the concept that you can control your mood and outlook, and much more, just be changing your frame of mind and adopting positive catch-phrase things. Like for me, to get myself to the gym, I remind myself "Once you go you'll be happy you went" or "You want to be someone who goes to the gym often". Repeating one or the other in head is very helpful, so I'm excited to read more about this idea here.

I also found this post on EcoVelo, a blog about a couple making bicycles their primary mode of transportation as well as just general healthy, low impact living. Not only are the pictures gorgeous, this is another concept that I like and am striving to integrate into my own life, at least in some capacity. Today's post about Showing Up definitely resonated with me, so I expect to come back here often.

And in a totally different track, I found The Beauty Brains from one of today's Broadsheet posts
and I'm in love. My best advice for people buying cosmetics products is 1) don't buy it. You are beautiful the way you are and as long as you wash reguarly, you don't need anything else. But if you still want a product, my other two rules are: 2) understand what the ingredients are, and 3) don't buy brand name. Most products are highly glorified but otherwise very simple things.

All that being said, one of my favorite sections of the Broadsheet piece is the idea that if YOU like something and are comfortable spending money on it, then buy whatever you want:
But they also noted, as they do when discussing nearly any product, that some people rave about it, and if they're comfortable spending the money, "To each her own!"
Like, I love the way Aveeno products feel on my skin, so I sometimes opt for those (especially the sunblock) when I have the cash. I'm also in love with my mascara (I forget the name of it, but ask me later and I'll find it for you) so even though its expensive, I splurge because I use it a lot and am very satisfied with it.

I can't wait to see what the Beauty Brains recommend!

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