Monday, December 7, 2009


...are my favorite animal. Or at least have been my whole life thus far. Now, I think owls are sort of taking over. And its a good thing too, because Sigourney Weaver on Planet Earth just told me that bamboo, the only thing pandas eat, has so little nutritional value, its impossible for them to store up any fat over the winter. So they have to eat constantly.

Did I mention this is only thing pandas eat?

That's like all I ate were tomatos, but my body didn't get enough nutrients from them to have sex, so I had binge on tomatos for two days straight before trying to reproduce...and even then it might not even work.

Well, sort of like that. But you get my point: how did pandas survive this long?

I guess when humans can't get into your habitat, it isn't so hard to just eat all day every day. Rather than, you know, develop fighting or fleeing techniques, or something a little more useful.

Pandas are cute, but owls are way more badass.

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