Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What it takes to get paid $90k/yr

- Not knowing how to spell camaraderie, or, at the very least, not being able to type it into Google and FIGURE IT OUT BY YOURSELF. You know, like they taught you in grade school to look it up. Any fourth grader could get paid 90k per year.

- Not knowing that when making a plural word, like nurses, possessive, you add an apostrophe after the word and don't add another s. So it looks like nurses'.

I mean, I'm not a whiz at grammar by any means (without the spell check feature in Firefox this blog would be a mess), but SERIOUSLY. Or as my friend AG likes to say, for fucking real?

Did I mention that I work at a publishing company? As in, the person I'm describing is an EDITOR?

- Throwing a temper tantrum because you can't figure out how to turn off the comments in Word's Track Changes mode. Or figure out how to just get through making changes to a document using the comments because, you know, that probably will take you 20 more minutes than if the document didn't have comments. And by temper tantrum, I mean screaming, BANGING ON YOUR DESK, and more screaming. And then bitching out the client who sent the document on the phone. Excellent customer service. Defiantely worth $90k a year.

Did I mention $90k? As in THREE TIMES what I make?

Clearly I need to do more swearing, bang more stuff, and be more stupid.

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