Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Promised pictures of the PYTHON

me and monty
This is me at a house party holding Monty, the python from Maine. Our host took Monty home after her uncle couldn't care for her anymore, explaining that, of her family, herself and her 18 year old cousin were the only ones interested in taking care of a snake.

Make that me and CW. It wasn't long after this photo was taken I demand he buy a python, to which he replied abso-fucking-lutely.

The next day, I slightly regretted that decision since, if i need to choose between a cat and a python, I think I'd want a kitty.

(Our host also had an adorable black and white cat with medium length fur that I wanted to take home with me, but she was very shy and preferred her perch on the window seat. We left that party still madly in love with our darling Maddie, but crazy about getting some more animals.)

CW and montyHere's CW holding Monty. After about half the party went to bed, he and I stayed up watching Mythbusters. He held her while our host cleaned up in the kitchen. Yeah, he's an expert snake-sitter.

Thanks to our buddy SW for the photos (via his Blackberry)!

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